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Roxanne James CDN Misinformed re C-51 TheOpenMedia Call That Insulting

Roxanne James Canada Misinformed re: C-51 TheOpenMedia Call That Insulting. Conservative MP Roxanne James running for re-election in SCARBOROUGH CENTRE

Scarborough Centre MP Roxanne James at the committee hearings in March. MP James completely ignored Steve Anderson from Open Media. She just directed her comments to the two other witnesses who supported the legislation. One or two questions were asked, but MP James went into a long tirade on how the public doesn’t understand Bill C-51, saying no one has actually read the bill.

This prompted a rebuke from Open Media Steve Anderson, one of the few witnesses who has taken her on for her divisive rhetoric over the years.

Saying “I just want to say… I found that the comments mentioned a second ago from MP James kind of insinuate that Canadians are not informed and are stupid. I find that really distasteful for a public office holder.”

Roxanne James responded by saying she wasn’t calling Canadians stupid and was just trying to make a point about “misinformation” surrounding the bill.

Which Steve Anderson responded “Okay. I think we should encourage Canadians to take part in these debates. I think they are amazingly informed and engaged, and that is something that we want to honour and encourage and not disrespect.”

Steve Anderson would say Roxanne James was “arrogant and elitist”

“So to have her [James] step up there and try to put all that down, it just felt really insulting to Canadians.

“It was clear to me what she was saying, so I just kind of called her out,” he said.

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