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Roxanne James Suggests Asylum Seekers Come To Canada For Free Health Care

Roxanne James Suggests Asylum Seekers Come To Canada For Free Health Care. Conservative MP Roxanne James running for re-election in SCARBOROUGH CENTRE.

Scarborough Centre MP Roxanne James questions Professor Catherine Dauvergne, an expert on Refugees. But all MP James seems to want to get to the bottom of is how Refugees come to Canada for the Welfare and free Health Care.

Saying, “We heard that within the European Union there are 27 countries, so someone from one particular country could choose to go to another country that’s very close by if they were fleeing for their life or in fear of persecution.”

“Why would someone come all the way to Canada and submit a claim as a refugee fearing for their life, as opposed to going to another country where they would have protection immediately?”

“why come to Canada as a refugee claimant, not come the proper way with a visa, permanent residency, and so forth, and then abandon their claim? To me it doesn’t make sense to say they can’t go to another European Union country and receive that protection when they come to Canada, accept benefits for one to two years, and then don’t show up for their hearing. They abandon their claim, voluntarily leave, and go back to their country of origin. I don’t think we’ve actually had an answer that makes sense to the people who may be listening to this committee today.

As a separate side note, when we talk about the European Union, would you say that the health benefits and the welfare system here in Canada are far better than in countries in the European Union? Do you know that answer?”

“We had someone here from the Taxpayers Federation who indicated it costs Canadian taxpayers about $50,000 per refugee claimant. We have some figures: $170 million per year in benefits, such as welfare, health benefits, etc.”

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