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Ind MP Brent Rathgeber Calls Roxanne James OFFENSIVE

Ind MP Brent Rathgeber Calls Roxanne James OFFENSIVE. Conservative MP Roxanne James running for re-election in SCARBOROUGH CENTRE.

Roxanne James OFFENSIVE
Roxanne James OFFENSIVE

Ind MP Brent Rathgeber writes a blog post calling MP Roxanne James behavior “OFFENSIVE” “…exceeded only by her shamelessness” This was in regards to her being the Conservative Party spokesperson on the release of Omar Khadr on bail.

You can read his blog post here The Politics Of Omar Khadr

And then watch Roxanne James in action with her shameless behavior in this interview below.

As Mr. Rathgeber says “she (Roxanne James) repeatedly referred to Mr. Khadr as “Omar Ahmed Khadr”. I have never heard him referred to thusly, but according to Ms. James that is in fact his name. She appears unwilling to squander an opportunity to remind Canadians that Khadr is a Muslim.”

See the video for yourself below


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