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Scarborough Centre MP Roxanne James

Archival Page Of The STOP ROXANNE JAMES Campaign In Scarborough Centre.

This website will remain up for an historical record of Roxanne James four years as a MP for Scarborough Centre (2011 – 2015).

The Anita Bryant of Canadian Politics.

“With the original Anti-terrorism Act, we heard the same attitude that the sky is falling. The sky didn’t fall in 1984; it didn’t fall in 2001; it will not fall again in 2015, at least not from this bill.”
-Roxanne James March 26th, 2015

Yet she said the sky was going to fall if Same-Sex Marriage became legal in Canada.

“It is not acceptable to me to put children purposely at risk to satisfy the special interests of a tiny minority (LGBTQ people)”

“Our MPPs must use the notwithstanding clause and reject this court decision (same-sex marriage)”

“Special interest groups and activists have taken our constitutional rights to a level where we have made a mockery of our constitution.”

“Same-Sex marriage is not a ‘constitutional’ issue, nor is it a human rights issue”

“The biggest lie thus far from this Liberal government is not the sponsorship scandal or the gun registry boondoggle, it is the fact they are brainwashing Canadians to believe the issue of same- sex marriage is a Charter issue.”

“The issue of same-sex marriage is not, has not, and will never be a Charter issue.”

All from the mouth of Scarborough Centre MP Roxanne James. The Anita Bryant of Canadian Politics.

But go through this site for more examples of her homophobia, her transphobia, her xenophobia and her race baiting.

Roxanne James Says She Is Very Thick Skinned Towards Criticism

2 thoughts on “Scarborough Centre MP Roxanne James

  1. I hope you are successful in defeating this bigoted candidate, Roxanne James. She sounds like a terrible excuse for a Canadian. Good Luck!
    A South of your border, friend….Jeff Patcher

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