Constituents of Roxanne James

Roxanne James, on the other hand, has no sense of humor, nor idea as to how outlandish her comments are and how poorly she is perceived by all and sundry. Seems her only per-requisite as an MP was to crusade against same-sex marriage.

I am writing to express my disgust with the campaigning methods of Roxanne James, the Conservative Candidate for Scarborough Centre, and her campaign workers. I was recently approached by Ms. James and two of her campaign workers while I was shoveling my driveway. Early in our discourse, I made it known that I was a supporter of the Liberal Party. Ms. James and her affiliates then proceeded to make a number of insults directed towards the Liberal party, specifically Prime Minister Martin. Ms. James and her affiliates also seemed unwilling to answer any specific questions I made about her party’s policy and instead refuted any questions I asked with criticisms of other parties. Towards the end of our discussion, after telling Ms. James that I would not be voting Conservative, I was told that my vote would be, and I quote, “A Mistake.”

I find the campaigning methods of Ms. James and her affiliates quite immature. Party members should be able to provide information supporting their party’s position without engaging the brazen insult of the other parties. I was wholly disgusted by the actions of Ms. James.

Joseph Engelhardt | Dec 22, 2005

I had the good fortune to attend the Scarborough Remembrance Day Ceremony today at the Scarborough Civic Centre. There were hundreds of residents of Scarborough, representatives from all branches of government, veterans, cadets, and members of the military. The Legion, Lions club, Guides, Scouts, Salvation Army, Knights of Columbus, Free Masons and Orange Order were also present and laid wreaths.

It was a very moving ceremony that had participants from all generations doing their part to enhance the service. I was very happy to see the community come together at such a beautiful ceremony to commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

The only aspect of the tribute that I felt was inappropriate was the infusion of partisanship by the Conservative Party of Canada. Legitimate organizations and representatives were being called up to lay wreaths and I was taken aback when I heard “Conservative Party of Canada, Scarborough Centre and Southwest”. Roxanne James, a Conservative hack, who you may remember from her participation in such scandals as “In and Out” and losing to John Cannis twice, was chosen to represent their party. Residents of Scarborough have not elected a Federal Conservative to represent them in 20 years.

As a Riding President, I would never think of infusing partisan affiliations into anything like a publicly funded Remembrance Day ceremony. There absolutely needs to be limits on partisanship and something like this seems to be a really clear one to me. I felt this aspect was completely inappropriate, especially as the Government of Canada was recognized by two duly elected Members of Parliament, The Honourable John Cannis, MP Scarborough Centre, Derek Lee, Scarborough Rouge River.

That being said, I did not allow the terrible judgement of the Tories to ruin what was otherwise a touching and beautiful ceremony.

by John Laforet | Nov 9th, 2008

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