Public Figures On Roxanne James

The following are opinions from public figures on Roxanne James.

Roxanne James shamefully insinuated the majority of Canadians who are against reckless spying Bill C-51 are too stupid to understand the legislation. Someone who has such distain for democracy and is so lacking in common decency does not deserve to be a public holder.
Stephen Anderson
Executive Director, OpenMedia, Protect Our Privacy Coalition

Having seen MP Roxanne James on Power & Politics, think govt would have been better served by empty chair on panel.
Glen McGregor
National Affairs Reporter
Ottawa Citizen

MP Roxanne James is an absolute disgrace.
Michelle Simson
Former MP Scarborough Southwest

She is nothing more than a Stephen Harper Lackey
Dennis Edney on CTV News, April 24, 2015

MP Roxanne James puts her human rights & Charter ignorance on display
Stephen Lautens
Political Columnist

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