Opposing Gay Adoption

Roxanne James Gay Community Puts Children At Risk
Roxanne James Gay Community Puts Children At Risk

Roxanne James worked with Charles McVety’s “Defend Marriage” campaign, which sought to repeal the same-sex marriage law passed in 2005. She was a Conservative candidate in 2006 and 2008.

In her 2008 campaign, she claimed to be a member of the Campaign Family Action Coalition, a political lobby group that “has a vision to see Christian principles applied in Canadian law, politics and society,” and that continues to lobby against same-sex marriage and LGBT rights.

Roxanne James letter to the Toronto Sun News editors below where she urged MPPs

to use the notwithstanding clause’ and reject same-sex marriage

Homosexuals put children “AT RISK” By Roxanne James


The Toronto Sun
Thu May 27 1999
Page: 14
Section: Editorial/Opinion
THE DECISION of the Supreme Court in M v. H to redefine “spouse” causes me great concern. This will mean that 90 laws in Ontario and another 55 federally will have to be rewritten. It means that same-sex marriage will be a reality at City Hall, and most troubling of all, homosexuals will be able to adopt children. What kind of crazy society are we living in that would allow a few unelected judges to decide that it’s perfectly acceptable for children to grow up without a mother or a father? It is not acceptable to me to put children purposely at risk to satisfy the special interests of a tiny minority. Our members of Parliament must be counted onto stand up to the court. Marriage and family are critical institutions to our society and are worth defending. Our MPPs must use the notwithstanding clause and reject this court decision.

Roxanne James

[This letter was initially shared on social media by Ottawa Citizen reporter Glen McGregor]

To read more go to Roxanne James under fire for past letter

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