MPs On Roxanne James

Priceless to hear Roxanne James stating Australia, NZ, Great Britain and US are engaging in wasteful and ineffective security oversight.
Wayne Easter ‏Malpeque, PEI

As bad as Attack SO 31s fr Cons are – one of the worst ever was by Roxanne James using the Maple Leafs entry in finals to badmouth Trudeau
Wayne Easter ‏Malpeque, PEI

The assertion, which I am sure she (Roxanne James) did not write herself but came from the PMO in some talking point, that people on this side of the House do not care about victims, is deeply offensive.
Elizabeth May Saanich—Gulf Islands, BC

I would just like to point out that once again the parliamentary secretary (Roxanne James) is, at my most charitable, skirting the boundaries of privilege by implying that the things I say are untruthful. I must note that during my speech in the debate at second reading, she was called to order by the Speaker when she tried to do the same thing, that is, make the assertion that I was untruthful
Randall Garrison, NDP MP Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca

Everything the parliamentary secretary said (Roxanne James) was a repetition of what she already mentioned in her previous intervention. I am wondering whether she has anything new to add to the debate, as she is now just repeating herself.
Rosane Doré Lefebvre, NDP MP Alfred-Pellan, QC

Maybe Ms. (Roxanne) James doesn’t want people to even hear a full sentence.
Jack Harris, NDP MP St. John’s East, NL

A bit like a child, she is laying it on thick, telling us that this is a tree, this is the sun, this is the safety and security of the Prime Minister. Let us be serious.
Raymond Côté Beauport—Limoilou, QC

“So her [Roxanne James] solution is to shut off complaints and try and silence people. And this is the kind of thing that leads to those acting out behaviors, including self-harm. So they’re — actually her proposal is very counterproductive in terms of safety.”

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