Opposing Abortion Rights

Every since Stephen Harper took over the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada he has said he will not re-open the abortion debate. As far as he is concerned the issue is closed.

But for other MPs the issue is far from closed. For Scarborough Centre MP Roxanne James the issue is very much front and center. She is pro-life and opposed to abortion rights.

Roxanne James was green lit by Campaign Life Coalition, a conservative Christian pro-life group, as a candidate who is pro-life and pro-family.

She voted in favour of MP Stephen Woodworth’s private members bill Motion 312. That bill would have formed a committee “to review the declaration in Subsection 223(1) of the Criminal Code which states that a child becomes a human being only at the moment of complete birth”.

Roxanne James later put her name on another private members bill Motion 408. The bill, seconded by her, and would condemn sex-selection abortion.

Saying in the House of Commons

“Mr. Speaker, many Canadians believe that sex selective pregnancy termination is morally wrong, but based on a recent poll, 92% of them believe that it should also be illegal. I have a petition from many Canadians across Canada asking that the government condemn discrimination against females occurring through sex selective pregnancy termination. I call upon members to support motion M-408.”

In 2014 she participated in the National March for Life anti-abortion rally. Just her luck that the activist group Femen decided to crash the event and protest topless. And one of the protesters shoved their bare breasts right in front of Roxanne.

In a way Roxanne James has come full circle. She started her activist career protesting women going topless. And now as an MP she gets confronted by a topless protester.

Topless protesters disrupt anti-abortion rally in front of Roxanne James Face

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