Opposing Transgender Rights

Roxanne James whole motivation for getting involved in politics is to defend the rights of victims.

“The NDP and the Liberals would rather support the criminals in this country than the law-abiding citizens and those who fall victim to crime?”

“We have made the concerns of victims a priority and we will continue to make meaningful changes for victims of crime.”

“Our Conservative government will continue to work to combat crime and continue to support the victims of crime in order to keep our streets and communities safe.”

“I wish the NDP opposition member would actually show that same empathy when it comes to the real victims of crime, the same victims of the individuals who are actually incarcerated in jail because of the crimes they committed.”

“Is it any surprise that the victims of crimes and their families have felt that they are an afterthought in the current justice system? Unlike the Liberals, our Conservative government has listened to the concerns of victims and we have clearly acted.”

So Roxanne James is on the side of the victims. But if you are a victim of an anti-LGBT hate crime, it seems she couldn’t care less. That is the only explanation one could up with for her opposition towards Bill C-279. Which provides equal human rights protections for the transgender community in Canada.

The bill determines hate as a motivating factor for sentencing provisions with the Criminal Code. For someone who is so on the side of victims (see her rhetoric above), she voted AGAINST A VICTIMS CRIME bill. There is only one explanation for her opposition towards protecting victims rights in the LGBTQ community. She doesn’t seem to care about crimes perpetrated against the transgender community. This is a woman who says gay people put children “at risk” and says Marriage Equality is not a human right. So what other explanation can one come up with. The official Conservative line was that the transgender community is already protected on the basis of sex and disability.

If the word “Transgender” was expunged from Bill C-279, and replaced with the words “people in their 30s” she would probably support the bill in a heartbeat.

So for Roxanne James the bottom line is this. If you are a straight person you have Roxanne James compassion as a victim of crime. If you belong to the LGBTQ community, she doesn’t seem to care.

From her own words above

“Is it any surprise that the victims of crimes and their families have felt that they are an afterthought in the current justice system?”

If you are transgender, yes you are an afterthought in Roxanne James mind.

One unknown fact is that she has an activist link with a convicted gay basher who assaulted the Reverend Brent Hawkes. Go to Protesting Public Nudity to read.

NDP MP Randall Garrison, the party’s LGBT critic and public safety critic, says it the best about Roxanne James

“She belongs to that social conservative segment of the federal Conservative caucus that has been very adamant in opposing any expansion of gay rights, in recriminalizing sex work, and opposing safe injection sites,”.

Which is why she is the Anita Bryant of Canadian politics.

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