Affiliation With Convicted Gay Basher

Roxanne James Friend of Convicted Gay Basher
Roxanne James Friend of Convicted Gay Basher

“I decided to get into politics was because of my strong views on improving the criminal justice system and support for victims”

So if that is the case why was she friends with a CONVICTED Gay Basher?

Back in the mid-90s Ontario’s Court of Appeal determined that women had the right to walk topless in public places. Some were outraged, while others just shrugged. It led to the formation of a group known as Ontario’s Keep Tops On (KTO). Which Roxanne James was a member of. What is not widely known is that Roxanne worked alongside a woman by the name of Erika Kubassek. Along with two other women they started a petition to stop females from going topless.

Former MP John Nunziata was also involved in the Keep Tops On movement. He later presented their petition in the House of Commons and saluted the women. Saying in part

“These petitions were gathered by an organization based in my riding called Keep Tops On, KTO. Those responsible for the petition, Carol Faraone, Cathy Francavilla, Roxanne James and Erika Kubassek, are present in the gallery today. The names of these 60,000 petitioners are in addition to the names of 40,000 petitioners submitted to the House a number of weeks ago and the petition drive is continuing.”

But Google the name Erika Kubassek and a litany of stuff comes up. Most prevalent is her conviction (Erika Kubassek) of assaulting Rev. Brent Hawkes at a same-sex marriage ceremony.

To read up on the case go to The Erika Kubassek Assault Trial

Isn’t Roxanne James the same person who says she is on the side of victims? If that is the case Rev. Brent Hawkes has been waiting 14 years for a call of concern from Roxanne James for his assault. But then again if you are part of the LGBTQ community, Roxanne James seems to not care if you are gay bashed.

For her part Erika Kubassek referred to her conviction for assault this way, “It was a miscarriage of justice.”

“It’s unbelievable that out of a trifling little matter they’re making it into a big thing,” she said.

She called the assault a “little accidental thing” and compared herself yesterday to prophets who were wrongly punished for things they didn’t do.

Sadly Erika Kubassek passed away many years ago.

As Erika Kubassek assault trial was making its way through the courts, Roxanne James and Erika Kubassek were both working on various campaigns designed to stop Marriage Equality from becoming law in Canada.

Roxanne James in particular worked with Charles McVety’s Defend Marriage campaign. That group sought to stop same-sex marriage from becoming law. She would later become a Conservative candidate in 2006 and 2008. Confirming in her official biography that she was a member of Defend Marriage.

In her 2008 campaign biography, she claimed to be a member of the Campaign Family Action Coalition, a political lobby group that “has a vision to see Christian principles applied in Canadian law, politics and society,” and that continues to lobby against same-sex marriage and LGBT rights.

In 2011 Roxanne James ran for a third time as the Conservative candidate in Scarborough Centre. This time all mentions of her work with Defend Marriage and the Campaign Family Action Coalition were expunged from her official biography.

Roxanne James wrote several Op-Eds opposing Marriage Equality. To read them for yourself go to Opposing Marriage Equality and Opposing Gay Adoption.

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