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Roxanne James – Says Gated Community Needed At Canadian Border

Roxanne James Says Gated Community Needed At Canadian Border. Conservative MP Roxanne James running for re-election in SCARBOROUGH CENTRE

Criminal and immigration lawyer Peter Edelmann was testifying at at the Committee on Citizenship and Immigration in 2012. Saying

“What kind of world, what kind of Canada, do we want our grandchildren to live in? Do we want to have a gated community where we live behind walls in fear of what’s on the other side, in fear of letting people pass through the walls, or in the hopes that in some fictional world we might be able to keep all of the bad people outside the walls? ”

To which Roxanne James replied Peter Edelmann statement was “derogatory” and echoing what Donald Trump recently said by saying

“If you are implying that a gated community is something to keep bad people out of this country, I’m really not understanding why you think that’s a bad thing.”