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Roxanne James VICIOUSLY Attacks Justin Trudeau Say Liberal Party Corrupt

Roxanne James VICIOUSLY Attacks Justin Trudeau Say Liberal Party Corrupt. Conservative MP Roxanne James running for re-election in SCARBOROUGH CENTRE

Roxanne James Member Statement From 2013

Mr. Speaker, tonight for the first time in nine long years the Toronto Maple Leafs will suit up for the NHL playoffs.

Let us take a look back at the last time the beloved blue and white were in the playoffs.

It was nine years ago and Canadians were still being governed by a tired and corrupt Liberal government. Justice Gomery had not even begun his investigation into the Liberal sponsorship scandal. Nine years later, we are still waiting for the Liberals to pay back that $40 million they stole from taxpayers. The member for Papineau was busy running Katimavik into the ground and the leader of the Green Party was a Liberal.

As we saw this week, apparently not much has changed.

Tonight I will be proud to join Leafs Nation in cheering on our beloved blue and white. Perhaps during commercial breaks we will learn more about how the Liberal leader is just in over his head.