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Scarborough Centre MP Roxanne James

Archival Page Of The STOP ROXANNE JAMES Campaign In Scarborough Centre.

This website will remain up for an historical record of Roxanne James four years as a MP for Scarborough Centre (2011 – 2015).

The Anita Bryant of Canadian Politics.

“With the original Anti-terrorism Act, we heard the same attitude that the sky is falling. The sky didn’t fall in 1984; it didn’t fall in 2001; it will not fall again in 2015, at least not from this bill.”
-Roxanne James March 26th, 2015

Yet she said the sky was going to fall if Same-Sex Marriage became legal in Canada.

“It is not acceptable to me to put children purposely at risk to satisfy the special interests of a tiny minority (LGBTQ people)”

“Our MPPs must use the notwithstanding clause and reject this court decision (same-sex marriage)”

“Special interest groups and activists have taken our constitutional rights to a level where we have made a mockery of our constitution.”

“Same-Sex marriage is not a ‘constitutional’ issue, nor is it a human rights issue”

“The biggest lie thus far from this Liberal government is not the sponsorship scandal or the gun registry boondoggle, it is the fact they are brainwashing Canadians to believe the issue of same- sex marriage is a Charter issue.”

“The issue of same-sex marriage is not, has not, and will never be a Charter issue.”

All from the mouth of Scarborough Centre MP Roxanne James. The Anita Bryant of Canadian Politics.

But go through this site for more examples of her homophobia, her transphobia, her xenophobia and her race baiting.

Roxanne James Says She Is Very Thick Skinned Towards Criticism
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Roxanne James Received 10K From Jason Kenney Riding Assoc

Jason Kenney, sits in one of the wealthiest Conservative ridings in the country with a local war chest that dwarfs many of his colleagues.

That spending might was on display in the last election when Kenney’s association in Calgary Midnapore doled out $183,000 to 44 candidates based on returns from some 1,500 candidates filed with Elections Canada by the end of March.

While his association mainly sent payments of $5,000 or $2,500, six candidates received $10,000 each from Kenney: One of which was Roxanne James. She received $10,000.00 from Kenney riding association. Let’s put this into context, Jason Kenney riding association donated to a candidate who opposes equal rights for the LGBTQ community in Canada. Enough said.

Jason Kenney and Roxanne James
Jason Kenney and Roxanne James
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Roxanne James Says World Views Canada As A DOORMAT For Its Refugee Policy

Roxanne James Says World Views Canada As A DOORMAT For Its Refugee Policy
Roxanne James Says World Views Canada As A DOORMAT For Its Refugee Policy

For too long, Canadians have seen countless stories of people who view Canada as a doormat, a light touch, whose immigration system is an easy target for fraudsters and criminals. Understandably, Canadians have had enough. They have made it clear that they want us to restore the integrity of the immigration system.

The NDP and Liberals do not seem to have any problem with these dangerous foreign criminals staying on our streets and living in our communities. I certainly have a problem with that. It shows just how out of touch they are with Canadians in all parts of the country and in all ridings.

-Roxanne James January 29th, 2013 House Debate

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Ind MP Brent Rathgeber Calls Roxanne James OFFENSIVE

Ind MP Brent Rathgeber Calls Roxanne James OFFENSIVE. Conservative MP Roxanne James running for re-election in SCARBOROUGH CENTRE.

Roxanne James OFFENSIVE
Roxanne James OFFENSIVE

Ind MP Brent Rathgeber writes a blog post calling MP Roxanne James behavior “OFFENSIVE” “…exceeded only by her shamelessness” This was in regards to her being the Conservative Party spokesperson on the release of Omar Khadr on bail.

You can read his blog post here The Politics Of Omar Khadr

And then watch Roxanne James in action with her shameless behavior in this interview below.

As Mr. Rathgeber says “she (Roxanne James) repeatedly referred to Mr. Khadr as “Omar Ahmed Khadr”. I have never heard him referred to thusly, but according to Ms. James that is in fact his name. She appears unwilling to squander an opportunity to remind Canadians that Khadr is a Muslim.”

See the video for yourself below